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Finally, A Wellness Test That Can Give You A Blueprint

Of Your Health Status And What You Can Do Today To Improve.

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Do You Ever Wonder What YOUR GENES Could Tell You About

the State of Your Health and Your Future Health Concerns?

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DNA profiling is a science based testing program that determines your current health status and your risks for acquiring certain diseases in the future. But it’s much more than that. DNA profiling can provide you with the information you need to take steps today to reduce or eliminate future health concerns and, in some cases, reverse the signs of aging.


Does Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes,

or Some Other Health Issues Run in Your Family?

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Perhaps someone in your family or even several members died at a younger age from heart attacks or breast cancer. Wouldn’t you want to know today if you carry the same genes that cause these health problems so that you can modify your diet and lifestyle to prevent it from happening to you? Given this information earlier rather than later can save your life.

DNA Profiling checks certain markers in your body’s unique DNA to identify those diseases that you are genetically predisposed for or at risk from.


Would You Like to Know How to STOP

the AGING Process, or Even REVERSE it?

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Do you constantly feel tired and worn out, no matter what age you are? You can learn through DNA Profiling how your body’s cells are prepared for the defense against disease and inflammation that attribute to the aging process. Get the information you need to turn back the hands of time and help your body regenerate to a more youthful condition.



that Just Won’t Respond to Conventional Treatment?

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Have you tried diets and weight loss programs, only to find that nothing works? If you’ve followed your physician’s advice and are still not able to lose weight, DNA Profiling can identify the genetic markers that are keeping you from losing the weight you want.


Would You Like to Know How to Optimize Your 

Health and Nutrition to Live Your Best Life?

DNA Profiling can tell you where your body stands in its current health and what steps you need to take to optimize your nutritional requirements and physical conditioning to live a long and satisfying life. Are you afraid of being immobile as you grow old? With DNA Profiling, you can learn what your body requires to stay active until the end.


Are You An Athlete Who Would Like to Know What Your Body Needs for Peak Performance?

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What could you do with the competitive advantage of knowing exactly what your body needs, nutritionally and physically, to perform at your maximum capacity? Learn how to optimize your diet and training program to catapult your performance to the highest level. 


Why Should You Have DNA Profiling Performed?

Knowing your health risks while you still have time to do something to affect them is the key to a long, healthy life. Your body’s DNA contains the key to understanding how your genetic makeup can combine with external influences to trigger disease or aging. Having detailed scientific information on how to address health concerns and well-being issues before they become chronic or serious can have a positive impact on your future health and longevity.


Celebrities Are Embracing DNA Profiling For a Variety of Reasons.

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Over the past few years, several celebrities have received DNA Profiling as a means to determine their ancestral roots, such as Oprah Winfrey and Vanessa Williams. More recently, Angelina Jolie had DNA Profiling completed to determine her risk of breast and ovarian cancer. When the test came back positive for the cancer gene, she used that information to choose to have preventive surgery performed to eliminate her risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer in the future. She stated she wants to live a long, full life and witness her children grow into adults.


Modern technology and scientific advances make DNA Profiling available to everyone.

Because of advancements in technology and how genetic testing is performed, a DNA Profile is available to everyone today. It’s no longer out of reach for the average person to have the same powerful information that used to be reserved only for the important and wealthy. DNA Profiling can give you advantages that, in the past, would have been unavailable to you— financially, logistically, or even physically.


One Small Sample Is All You Need to Take Control Of Your Health And Learn The Steps You Need To Take To Live A Long And Fruitful Life.

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Your genes work in tandem with your lifestyle choices and your environment to determine your health and well-being. Knowing your risk of disease, you can plan for and integrate a health program that addresses exactly what nutrition, lifestyle changes, and exercise physiology you need to live your best life.

DNA Profiling uses a mouth swab to get your personal DNA to help you learn how to best manage your health. Simply swish the provided cotton swab around the inside of your mouth and mail back to our testing facility in the enclosed stamped envelope.



A DNA Profile Sample Can Be Taken Through A Simple Buccal Swab

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You Don’t Need to have blood drawn or other invasive tests performed to understand your genetic makeup. You simply perform the mouth swab in the privacy of your own home, and the results are made available anonymously on our secure website. Your DNA sample is tracked by a simple barcode, which is never linked to your name or address, ensuring that your results are kept private and known only to you.

DNA Profiling is the most effective test available to give you scientific data about your health on which to make the most important decisions on your life—how to manage your health for years to come.



benefit of dna profiling

Scientific geneticists analyze your DNA sample to determine your particular profile in the following areas:


Cardiovascular Health — 13 genes are tested to determine your current cardiovascular health and to identify whether your blood pressure or cholesterol levels are hard to control based on your genetic makeup.

Vitamin Control — 2 genes are profiled to determine if you’re at risk for diseases like osteoporosis due to inefficiency in vitamin absorption.

Cell Defense — 11 genes are targeted to determine your health and well-being status at the cellular level so that you can make changes in your lifestyle choices to shore up your cells’ defense systems.

Fat Metabolism — 14 genes are investigated with the purpose of identifying how your body responds to weight control programs and if your weight is hard to control because of your genetic makeup.

Inflammation — 14 genes are tested to determine if you are predisposed to certain chronic or repeated inflammation that could adversely affect your health for years to come.


Get results today in the form of a personalized report that details your health and what markers you need to be aware of for your future. Our detailed reports show you exactly where your concerns lie and what you can do about them.


Yours FREE with Every DNA Profiling Report— 

As a free bonus, you also get a detailed and personalized plan on how to use the information in your DNA profile report to make changes in your lifestyle, diet, and environment to achieve your best health for a long life. Take the information provided in your DNA profile report, combined with your free step-by-step personalized plan on how to improve your health, and begin to alter your future today.

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Normally, you would have to pay RM296 for a personalized and detailed plan on how to use the information in your DNA profile report to make changes in your life, but today, you get that bonus plan free when you order the DNA Profiling Test.


What Would a DNA Profile Report Detailing Your Current Health Status and Your Future Risks be WORTH to You?

Imagine if you could stave off the onset of serious diseases like cancer and heart disease to live a long and fulfilling life. Experts all agree that identifying problems early or even before they arise can make life and death differences in your future. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage today of an opportunity to ensure your tomorrows are healthy and happy?


What would you expect to pay for this unique opportunity?

You might expect to pay upwards of several thousand of dollars or even into the thousands for this kind of powerful information. But today’s advancements have brought the price of DNA Profiling down to an affordable amount for everyone.

Today, the price is only:

RM 20,080

RM 10,080

Not Even RM 5,000


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