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Forensic Science

    Forensic science is a set of techniques that serve legal investigations and procedures. The range of forensic methods is extremely broad. Each of the traditional sciences can contribute to the crime scene investigations and legal disputes. From forensic astronomy to forensic chemistry and toxicology, DNA analysis, forensic archeology and anthropology, the list of forensic science

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    Recombinant DNA

      Recombinant DNA is a molecule that is formed from DNA of different organisms. It is possible to create recombinant DNA by joining combinations of human, bacterial, plant, fungal or synthetic DNA.  Recombinant DNA technology is often used in the research and clinical trials. Genetically modified organisms are created using this technology. How recombinant DNA is

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      DNA Sequencing

        DNA sequencing is a technique that is employed to discover the nucleotide composition of DNA. It is used for individual gene or whole genome analysis and fundamental genetical research. In the near future DNA sequencing will provide information for targeted..

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        What is DNA?

          DNA is an abbreviation for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid.  DNA encodes genetic information necessary for functioning and development of the organisms. In eukaryotes (humans, animals and plants) DNA stored in the nucleus as well as in some organelles (mitochondria or chloroplasts), in..

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