Things that Comprehensive Body Checkup Cannot Detect

    The comprehensive checkup was designed to discover the signs of the most common pathological processes.  Sometimes dozens of trips to the specialists are necessary to diagnose the conditions that are developing without symptoms. It can be costly too.  However, a checkup is based on the detection of the pathological changes that have already occurred. Imagine if there was a way to identify the health issue before it started developing. Knowledge about the risk of disease can be crucial for the prevention, quality of life and life expectancy itself.

    Now there is a way to predict particular health problems before they occur. It is possible with the new biotechnological approach to the health care. This revolutionary approach uses your unique DNA information to assess your risks and suggest the optimal for you treatment, diet and fitness. Personalized medicine is a trend that rapidly expands and successfully compliments the traditional medical practice. Scientists are developing personalized vaccines to fight Hepatitis B, influenza and even cancer. Such vaccines will have significantly fewer risks than the conventionally used vaccines.

    Another example of the biotechnological approach in the health care is a DNA profiling. This informative diagnostic tool provides doctors with the insight about the specifics of your genetical setup, which affects your individual reaction to the medical treatment. It can provide information about diseases that may develop later in your life or can be inherited by your kids. DNA profiling gives information on metabolic issues that can cause diabetes, cancer, tendency to store extra fat and immune system disorders.
    Our company provides testing the major factors that affect your health. We are not focusing on the symptoms but rather investigate the root of the problems. 

    Cellular defence

    The cellular defence also known as an intrinsic immunity is protecting our body cells from infections and harmful agents that we come in contact with everyday life. Ability to resist the pathogens and recover after the exposure to them largely depends on our genetical setup and the immune system status. DNA profiling provides the necessary information to diagnose and correct the immune imbalance before the problems arise. Our company is testing for 11 genes related to cell defence.


    Inflammation is a result of elevated oxidative stress an underlying cause for many diseases such as atherosclerosis, asthma, dermatitis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and many others. We provide testing for 14 genes that can cause chronic or repeated inflammation.

    Cardiovascular Health

    Your genes are contributing to the regulation of cholesterol metabolism and can be the cause of the high blood pressure. We are testing for the primary 13 genes affecting your cardiovascular system. You can find out whether you are at risk of developing cardiovascular problems due to particular genes you are caring. 

    Vitamin D absorption

    Sometimes the lack of vitamin D is caused by the lowered ability to absorb and synthesise it. DNA testing gives you an insight on how your body manages the vitamin D absorption and help to prevent the development of the osteoporosis.